What We Do

As the needs of client companies increase in complexity we offer them personalized, strategic advice and then access to our full range of products and services. We assist clients with mergers and acquisitions advice as well as providing bankruptcy, equity and corporate financing. We combine our specific industry expertise in the healthcare sector with our financial skills and contacts to deliver personalized solutions to each of our client companies.

 Able Crown International Holdings is a full service private equity investment firm that provides financial services to clients in both the private and corporate sectors. Able Crown International Holdings have participated in the growth of the private equity investment industry acting as fund managers and consultants since 1996. We pursue excellence in every aspect of business, aiming to deliver consistency in all aspects of our services.

 Able Crown International Holdings specializes in the marketing of private equity investment opportunities to the global investment community. The company is structured towards specific funds and groups with differentiated strategies. Employees are selected based on their performance, experience and management skills. Our extensive due diligence dictates the progression of a comprehensive strategy that aims to improve asset value while making efficient use of invested effort. The quality of Able Crown International Holdings’s relationships with its individual clients complemented by knowledge of their managerial requirements, will always increase the probability of outperforming the main market, for clients and investors alike.